Tunnel rush


Tunnel Rush

Did you find yourself getting into a game where you spend hours to get your hands onto? If not, then Tunnel Rush game is the chance of you, to roll your hands onto a game, and believe me, you will be playing it for the even entire night.

The game developed on the same niche, as the slope and run 3.

Play Color Tunnel Rush game online

We have provided you with the chance to get this game to play on your computer online.

To do this, you need to have an internet connection with fair speed.

The gameplay of tunnel rush is identical to the slope game if you have not played slope yet, just check that once.

In the tunnel rush game, you need to avoid yourself colliding with the different obstacles of different shapes to get the next level of the game.

Each level of the game comes with the unique shape, and it almost becomes impossible to go around without colliding with the shapes and hurdles.

Need to be precise and agile to get the game to the next level, and believe me if you could get this, you are the master of this niche of the game.

To get this done, one has to be focused, and to get the rocked break, you need to be sheer focused.

You use the right and left arrows of your computer, to move left and right. There is no character, no ball, nothing, it seems like you collide your head with the shape or hurdle when you get it.

The game now has come for the Android devices and for iOS, if you want to get them there, go head there is an option of that as well.

But, to play online on your computer, we have given you the chance, just tap on the play button on the screen, and that is it.

Tunnel rush Play Game: